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Major is a two year old male Pyrenees. He originally came to us from the city shelter after he’d been picked up as a stray. We had hoped that he would be a good ranch dog to help us keep the goat and pigs protected but Major had other plans. He has no desire to partake in his Pyrenees heritage and would much rather be inside with his people on the couch.

He also made a best friend! He and Addison (Addy) are inseparable and the greatest combination since chocolate and peanut butter! These two not only enjoy each other but need each other. Separate they were lost, and had some issues, but their companionship has changed them for the better. They are the perfect combination for families looking for two family dogs who absolutely love each other.

Addison without major is anxious and just a bit obnoxious. Major without Addison is mischievous and kind of naughty. Together their negatives diminish and they compliment each other like two pieces of a puzzle. They love each other so much we feel separating them would be cruel, so we are asking that they be adopted together. This is a monumental thing to ask but we’re looking for someone with a gigantic heart who is willing to open their home to two furry rays of sun shine. Both are incredibly sweet and affectionate.
A house with a yard is preferred, and cats aren’t recommended. Small children are okay. Will you be the family this duo needs? If so please apply today.

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