Marley’s Mutts Trainers

Robert Villaneda is a certified dog trainer who specializes in dog behavior and reactivity. As a Marine Corps Veteran and a father of two, Robert understands how to apply structure and direction while providing love and compassion. Robert has always had a strong connection with animals from a young age. He feels this is his natural ability and his purpose to give to this world. coming from a hectic and unbalanced lifestyle he now knows what it takes to find calm and balanced in his life.

Working under Cesar Millan for three years, Robert received some of the best training and experience that is extremely unique. Being at the Dog Phycology Center, he’s helped hundreds of dogs and owners to a balanced life. Interacting with Cesar on a daily basis, Robert has gotten valuable life lessons he shares with the the world. he’s also led teams for Cesars big training events where he was very successful.

As the head trainer for Marleys Mutts, he strives to help owners better understand their dog and the bond between the two. Every dog is unique, and understanding what they need is fairly simple. Robert will keep it as simple as he can, he understands every person learns differently. If you have any questions you can reach him at

Kim Erickson: The Canine Republic
Having the unique perspective of starting as a client needing help with her own reactive dogs, Kim works hard to incorporate her past experiences as a student with her knowledge and training to teach now. She believes that the transformation one can go through to be a leader for their dog can equip them with the same tools needed to lead a healthy and happy life. Kim is the owner of “The Canine Republic” dog training services as well as the co-founder/co-owner of “SCV PackWalk” service in Santa Clarita. She works on the training team with Marley’s Mutts and as a PC Assistant Trainer. Kim is a certified trainer through Animal Behavior College and is a Courses trainer at the Santa Clarita Dog Psychology Center.

Lia Marques: In 2013 Lia was hired as a senior dog trainer at Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Center. The 43 acre ranch is a place made for dogs by people that understand a dog’s needs. By working side by side with one of world’s most renowned dog behaviorists, her knowledge of dog psychology became second to none. The DPC is usually the last resort for some dogs with behavior issues and by working with these dogs on a daily basis propelled Lia’s knowledge immensely. By being able to rehabilitate dogs with severe behavior issues, she quickly became the go to person for other trainers to shadow and learn from. By combining her expertise of dog training and her previous career, Lia became the Dog Psychology Center Facilities Manager in 2014. That meant that besides coming up with training schedules for the various dogs, Lia also worked with the other animals at the ranch, helping to integrate many livestock animals like sheep, goats, horses and pigs with the dogs.

In 2016 Lia started working with Marley’s Mutts, creating and implementing Pawsitive Change which brings shelter dogs to prison for a 14 week period of inmate and canine growth. Teaching inmates the basics of dog psychology and having those inmates in turn help dogs has been truly life changing. The program is currently in four California prisons.

Lia is the owner and head trainer of A Dog’s Life with Lia, which offers personal in home training for both dogs and their owner’s. In addition she offers Board and Train to the most severe cases, helping to reset dogs to their calmer more balanced state in order for them to lead a more well adjusted life in their homes. She also works with several rescues in the Los Angeles area helping to rehabilitate and re home in need dogs.

Lia Marques is a professional member of International Association of Canine Professionals and a A.K.C Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.