What is the Mutt Militia?

The Mutt Militia is a spirited force of dog lovers, organized through Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue, engaged in a war against abuse, exploitation and needless euthanasia. We are soldiers inspired and propelled by LOVE for our dogs, strapped with leashes and cell phones we take on this fight. We are devoted to those in need, whenever and wherever we can, regardless of creed, breed, size, age, or illness. Streets, shelters, and cyber-space are our battlefield, compassion and computers our weapons of war.
The Mutt Militia fights however it can, utilizing a variety special forces. Donors fight with funds. Social media warriors fight with Facebook and Instagram. Volunteers valiantly contribute time and effort. Fosters turn their homes into triage and aid stations where front line casualties can recover and learn to live again.
Our battle stations are adoption events and mobile spay and neuter clinics. Our frontline expands everyday, into grade schools, high schools, schools for the disadvantaged and vulnerable, and even prisons. Our front-lines shift to address areas of greatest need, stretching into shelters in Asia and Eastern Europe. We have no boundaries or borders. Our ranks strategize, support and operate from dozens of countries on nearly every continent. We do not exclude, but welcome all who have passion for the voiceless.
Coalesced within our numbers are members of nearly every race, age, sexual orientation and religion. We do NOT discriminate against the dogs we aim to help therefore we do not discriminate against those who serve.
Anyone can join the Mutt Militia, so long as your motivation is pure and you abide by our creed.

The Mutt Militia Creed: I hereby commit myself to battle for man's best friend. To honor, defend and protect the sacred bond between man and dog. To argue and advocate on their behalf. To bring to bare my skills to see the mission through.
To promote rescue, wherever possible, because that next rescue-dog may rescue me or someone I love. To persevere despite the wounds to my heart because the human-canine bond is the essence of unconditional love. Our dogs possess divinity, which means we must not lay down our swords until the needless killing stops.