Sex: Female

Breed:  Pomeranian x

Age: 6 months old 

Zoey was part of a very large group of dogs brought into Kern County Animal Services after their elderly owner fell off of a tractor and died. There were over 30 dogs in the home. Zoey arrived with Petunia who we believe is her mother. Many of the dogs in the group appeared to be related and no one was altered. 

Zoey is very shy on initial meeting. She loves other dogs and is becoming more comfortable with humans everyday.  She is very excited to see her foster family but hesitant to run up to them unless they are sitting down.  Once she’s in a lap she will snuggle for hours.  She follows her foster family all around the house and likes to know where they are at all times. She gives lots of kisses and likes to play.  She has a huge underbite that’s ridiculously cute! She is working on potty training but goes almost every time she is taken outside.  She loves treats and sleeps all night in her crate.  

If you are looking for the sweetest shy baby ever apply to add little Zoey to your family. 

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