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Our Team

Our goal at Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue is to treat our rescues like members of our own families and to give them so much love that they never remember what it was like before.  We can’t change their past, but we will do whatever it takes to change their future.  

Marley's Mutts Team

We believe that every one of our rescues has a story of courage and perseverance. We are here to honor them and show them that humans can be kind. We are resolute in our commitment to change the path of their lives.

To reach any team member email inquiries:


Melissa Brunson.jpg

Melissa Brunson

Executive Director

Zach Skow.jpg

Zach Skow

Founder & Director of PR


Sharon Johnson

Grant Writer/Staff Support

Connor Long.jpg

Connor Long

Rescue Ranch Operations Manager

Torie Beck.jpg

Torie Beck 

Miracle Mutts Coordinator

Bernadette Ferguson.jpg

Bernadette Ferguson

Adoption Coordinator


Paul Saladino

Visual Asset Creator

Cameron Taylor.jpg

Cameron Taylor

Rescue Ranch Technician/Advocate

Jeramiah Long.jpg

Jeremiah Long

Training Coordinator

Cassidy Villarreal.jpg

Cassidy Villarreal

Rescue Ranch Technician/ Advocate

Jade Connor.jpg

Jade Connor

Rescue Ranch Technician/ Advocate

Karissa Kerns.jpg

Karissa Kern

Rescue Ranch Technician/ Advocate

jolene head shot.jpg

Jolene Forzetting

Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Sheri 2.jpg

Sheri Goldstein

AP/AR Rep-Assistant to
Zach Skow


Amy Jutzi

Donations Coordinator


Shirley Harbeson

HR Specialist

Brennan Auch.jpg

Brennon Auch

Facility Assistant 

Lucy Anderson.jpg

Lucy Anderson

Foster Coordinator

Dylan Decant.jpg

Dylan Decant

Rescue Ranch Coordinator

Dave Auch.jpg

Dave Auch

Facility Supervisor

Danielle Taylor.jpg

Danielle Taylor

Enrichment Coordinator

Screen Shot 2023-01-04 at 6.52.06 PM.png

Pam Middleton

Volunteer Coordinator

Jillian Becker.jpg

Jillian Becker

Foster/Adoption Ranch Support

Pawsitive Change Program


Samantha Johnson

Head Trainer

Max 9.13.jpg

Max Kerzner


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