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If you are a supporter of Marley's Mutts, you are a member of the Mutt Militia. We would not be able to do what we do without the help of our donors, fosters, and volunteers. Thank you!

Mutt Militia

The Mutt Militia is a dedicated group of dog lovers fighting against the abuse, exploitation, and euthanasia of our best friends.


We scour the streets, shelters, and the online world for abuse and are devoted to taking it on wherever we find it, using compassion and computers as our weapons. 

Ways you can help:


  • Donate funds

  • Engage and share on social media

  • Volunteer time and effort

  • Foster a Marley's Mutt


We inform and educate through any means available. We attend adoption events, schools and even prisons!


Mutt Militia 2.jpg

The Mutt Militia is made up of people from all walks of life—all ages, races, and religions. We do not discriminate against the dogs we aim to help. Anyone can join as long as they are committed to our creed.


"The Mutt Militia Creed: I hereby commit myself to battle for humankind's best friend. To honor, defend, and protect the sacred bond between humans and dogs. To argue and advocate on their behalf. To bring to bear my skills to see the mission through.

To promote rescue, wherever possible, because that next rescue dog may rescue me or someone I love. To persevere despite the wounds to my heart because the human-canine bond is the essence of unconditional love. Our dogs possess divinity, which means we must not lay down our swords until the needless killing stops."

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