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Mutt Movers

Mutt Movers is a unique opportunity for Marley's Mutts to network and transport homeless dogs to rescue partners who have the space and resources to help. The reality in rescue is that no single rescue group can help or save every single homeless dog in their community. 

Mutt Movers

Pups in need don’t understand borders and state lines, which is why we created Mutt Movers. Since no one rescue group can help all the dogs in need, we have approved rescue partners across the Pacific Northwest who share our vision. With this program, no dog gets left behind.

There is no better, quicker, more efficient way to save lives of at-risk shelter dogs than by moving them to an area where they are in great demand! 

The purpose of the Motor City Mutt Mover Program is to save dogs from high-volume/kill shelters and send them to regions of North America where they are in great demand! Some of our rescue partners north of the border have thousands of adoption applications but nowhere near enough dogs to fill the apps.


Kern county shelters and receiving rescue partners are never charged for our transports. We can move an average of 30 at-risk dogs per transport. 


How can you help?

Rescues: We need more rescue partners that can receive at-risk dogs. We work diligently to assess the behavior of each of our dogs so that we can provide accurate information to rescues inquiring about them. We ensure that whenever possible our dogs will be spayed/neutered, up to date on all age-appropriate vaccines, and free of health issues. We will also provide health certificates for all our dogs selected for transport. We would like to expand our program and start moving dogs east. If you are a 501c3 and are interested in learning more about partnering with us, please reach out at your earliest convenience. 

​Community: We are always looking for volunteer drivers to assist our staff members during the drive. We cover food and lodging for our staff and volunteer drivers. Typically, our transports run over a 4-day course. Donations help keep this program running. Donations can include: blankets, potty pads, food/water dishes, treats, leashes, crates, etc.

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