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International Rescue

International Rescue: Morocco Edition

The CDC announced that the importation of dogs from high-risk countries would be suspended on July 14, 2021. The temporary action is necessary to ensure the health and safety of dogs imported, but also in the US to protect against reintroduction of canine rabies.

@zachskow visited @moroccoanimalaid and @sunshineanimalrefugeagadir in May 2021 and identified four handicapable dogs; Bo and Ivar from #SARA and Oprah and Dihya from #MAA. All four, back legs paralyzed.

When we learned about the CDC ban, our action plan quickly took the form of bringing dogs from all three rescues. The Marley’s Mutts team, respective rescuers from those organizations along with @pawsitivelori from @ SPCAI (SPCA International) did not let a moment escape without devoting effort to the challenging task of getting all the dogs to the US. Time did not allow Zach to travel again to Morocco and these were the first rescues to step foot on USA soil.

Bo, DIhya, Oprah and Ivar flew from Morocco to the ARC in New York City for a bit of a layover. They were to all arrive on different flights Saturday, but Oprah and Ivar faced crate compliance challenges and missed their flight so were reschedule to arrive Sunday evening.

Favorite rescue couple, Joshua Proctor and Rose Candelaria picked up Bo and Dihya who arrived on separate flights. A long day for all concerned, Joshua and Rose arrived at the Ranch at 1AM Sunday morning and were met by Executive Director, Sharon Johnson, Rick Pool and Don Hardy, director with #Underdogs documentary.

It is interesting that Bo and Dihya came from the two different rescues in Morocco, but when they arrived at the Ranch, they became friends and were kind, gentle and friendly with each other and staff. Same situation with Ivar and Oprah, different rescues, but became friends at the Ranch. Today, all four bonded with Naaji, resident wheelie-dog. We will give them plenty of time to get to know one another and our staff as well time to decompress. They’ve made a 6000 mile journey and deserve all the love and pampering we can give them.


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