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Pregnant dog, shot and paralyzed, on the road to recovery

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BAKERSFIELD, CA. (KGET) – Avyanna was shot in her back, abandoned in a field, and giving birth to her puppies.

The gun shot severed her spinal cord. She has no deep pain sensation in her back legs. But, she is fighting. Avyanna is giving her five puppies a fighting chance.

The founder of Marley’s Mutts, Zach Skow says if this had been a human, it would be everywhere. But a dog is teaching us the lesson to fight, even during the difficult times. “If a human woman had been shot in the back, paralyzed, gave birth in a field, and is at a recovery center, it would be all over cnn. but you have a dog who did it. it’s just remarkable, incredibly remarkable,” says Skow.

In what can seem like such a tragedy, came to be a story of resilience and positivity. Avyanna along with her five puppies are creating a new narrative for their life; One full of love for their new owners as they embark on another chapter.

Avyanna will continue here road to recovery at Marley’s Mutts in Wheely World where she’ll be equipped with a wheelchair to help her get around.


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