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Volunteer of the Quarter

Mutt Militia, meet Connie Rocke, our Volunteer of the Quarter! Connie started following Marley’s Mutts when she moved to the Tehachapi area in 2012. She was impressed with all we did for rescue dogs and other animals. Connie was retired and had some extra time so she decided to start volunteering at the Rescue Ranch nearly three years ago.

Connie enjoys meeting all the different people at the Ranch and says the staff, fosters and volunteers she has worked with are all fabulous! “Everyone is so warm and welcoming. It’s like a wonderful family.” Some of Connie’s favorite things about volunteering at the Ranch are the community pack walks, holiday decorating and volunteer days. The rescue dogs are special to Connie and it gives her great joy to walk them and give them clean warm blankets. “They are all beautiful, bright and funny in their own way.”

Her advice to anyone thinking about volunteering at the Ranch is to find work that you enjoy. “There is so much to do here at the Marley’s Mutts Ranch. It’s great for retired people like me. There’s plenty to do that doesn’t require heavy strenuous work. Walking dogs is easy. If I can’t lug 50 pounds of dog food around, I’ll just ask for anyone I find to help me as they are happy to lend a hand. That’s important to me”

Connie has 2 dogs of her own, a Doberman named Jake, age 5 and Doberman mix, Jasper, age 8. Jasper even won first place at an agility competition when she was two years old! While Connie was holding the award, Jasper jumped up, grabbed the award and started shredding it! “That is her fun sneaky self.”

Thank you Connie for all you have done and continue to do!


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