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Volunteer of the Quarter – Patty Souza

Mutt Militia, meet our Volunteer of the Quarter, Patty Souza. Patty has always been a “Big Fan of Zack Skow’s “Marley’s Mutts” & all the time, love & care he gives to each animal.”

“I’ve wanted to volunteer for years, but owning a winery & tasting room, there was never enough time. When I retired, I finally had the opportunity. I started in January 2020, as a volunteer with Marley’s Mittens. My favorite part about volunteering is knowing I can make a difference caring for the kitties & of course all the love they give back in return. If anyone is considering becoming a volunteer, I highly recommend working with the dogs or kitties. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to make a difference in the life of these sweet babies.

Right now I have 2 kitties, “Mini”, my sweet girl & my “Rocky” or Roo-Roo for short.

I’m quite honored to have been selected for “Volunteer of the Quarter”..Wow! Thank You “Marleys Mutts

“Fun Fact” …Cats are like Potato Chips, You can Never have just One”


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