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The story of Momma Star and her babies:

German Shepherd/Cattle dog mix

After multiple off-road trips, hikes, and dropping trail cameras to locate this poor momma’s puppies with the person in charge of the Tehachapi Nature Conservation, we found her and her puppies the day after Christmas ~ Best Christmas wish ever! She’s now safe in my home with all 8 healthy chubby 7 week old puppies. It was a miracle come true…she’s the best momma ever! 

We’ve rescued her and are adopting out all 8 puppies after their first series of shots. The vet has already dewormed them and given them medical checkups claiming each one is healthy but not ready just yet for their first shot series. Momma is doing very well, she had her medical checkup and first series of shots plus dewormer. She had weened her puppies just before we found them all and they’re all on puppy mash enjoying all their meals. 

It’s been a pretty long two weeks looking for this momma’s babies tracking her on those trail cameras every single day and then having to creatively catch her to come with her puppies after a long 24 hour rescue in the end, but we worked together and saved her life along with her babies. 

Thanks goes to Starbucks for letting us camp out the last night in front of your store and providing us with free hot drinks and pastries. We weren’t leaving without this momma dog no matter what. The final moments were extremely emotional as my daughter, Katelyn Kay, cornered the momma with gate fencing by the Holiday Inn and I looped the leash. Thanks for all the prayers and support!

It’s honestly a miracle she’s alive and well and with 8 healthy puppies!

I’m adding Star’s photo from the first day I met her on December 12th 2023 to this week in February 2024. Also, you can see attached 2 recent photos of Scar, the last puppy that’s available for adoption. He’s about 14 weeks old now. I’m also attaching a photo of Star with son Scar at 6 weeks old and a video of my daughter, Katelyn, with all the puppies and Star in our backyard getting exercise.


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