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Pit Bull Found Chained to a Fence and Mauled is Now Looking for a Forever Home!

Tortured and left for dead, Nacho the Pit Bull was found purely by chance when a county employee stumbled upon him tied to a fence. Alone, and covered in severe lacerations, it was up to Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue to give Nacho a chance at survival. The details of how he ended up tied to a fence are unknown, but what’s important is that he was saved, meaning he now has a chance to spend the rest of his life with a family who loves him.

Sweet Nacho was found scared, alone, and covered with severe injuries.

According to Marley’s Mutts, Nacho’s age is estimated to be three to four years old. It’s hard to believe that a dog so young has faced so much adversity.

In spite of this traumatic experience, his love for humans knows no bounds.

Nacho is bright, affectionate, and absolutely adorable.

Please help Nacho get adopted! Look at that face!


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