Marley's Mutts relies very heavily on our volunteers!  Donors and Volunteers are affectionately referred to as the Mutt Militia, and the name fits!  Our volunteers and donors give selflessly for a cause - in this case, the Mutts!

If you'd like to volunteer your time with Marley's Mutts, start here by filling out the volunteer application below.  We receive hundreds of applications, so be patient if you don't hear from us right away.  Please be sure to let us know about your skills and talents so we can use you the most effectively.  Thank you in advance for your service to Marley's Mutts!

Foster Spotlight


Meet Michelle Neasbitt! Michelle has been fostering for Marley’s Mutts for the past 4 years and has fostered 13 dogs. Knowing the euthanasia statistics in Kern County Shelters pushed Michelle to want to do something so she started fostering. All 13 of Michelle’s fosters were her favorite in their own way. She was able to learn something valuable from each of them. Her most challenging foster was a dog named Max. Max was a high energy dog with a lack of manners that didn’t fit in well with Michelle’s pack or her cat. Michelle stayed the course and after graduating Pawsitive Change, Max was adopted into his forever home. The most rewarding part of fostering for Michelle is having a dog come from a loud and busy shelter into her calm and quiet home and witness them evolve into a completely different dog over the next 24-48 hours. If you are considering fostering, Michelle’s advice is to, “Just do it! Just try it once and you’ll be hooked!”

Aside from being a foster, Michelle has been doing nails for the past 25 years. Thank you for all you do, Michelle!


Volunteer of the Quarter

Congratulations to Josh, our Volunteer of the Quarter! Josh has been volunteering with Marley’s Mutts for the past 5 months. He originally heard about us through his dog agility coach, but didn’t have time to sign up to volunteer until recently. When asked what his favorite thing about volunteering was, this is what Josh had to say. “One of the greatest things about volunteering is being able to see and spend time with the dogs. Despite only being here a few months, many of the dogs have already started feeling like family. It’s also satisfying knowing the other volunteers and myself can give many of these dogs, especially those with disabilities, the love and attention they did not previously experience before coming to the ranch.”

Josh’s advice to anyone considering volunteering is to come and meet the dogs at least one time. Originally Josh wasn’t sure how much he would enjoy volunteering, but now you can find him at the Ranch at least 3 times a week.

Josh has 3 dogs of his own, a Corgi named Jewel, a Beagle named Bagel and a Manchester Terrier name Lovey. Josh and Lovey used to compete in agility where Lovey won several first place ribbons.

Thank you Josh for your commitment and dedication to the Ranch!