Marley's Mutts relies very heavily on our volunteers!  Donors and Volunteers are affectionately referred to as the Mutt Militia, and the name fits!  Our volunteers and donors give selflessly for a cause - in this case, the Mutts!

If you'd like to volunteer your time with Marley's Mutts, start here by filling out the volunteer application below.  We receive hundreds of applications, so be patient if you don't hear from us right away.  Please be sure to let us know about your skills and talents so we can use you the most effectively.  Thank you in advance for your service to Marley's Mutts!


Mutt Militia, say hello to Holly Godfrey & Family! Holly “volunteered” and her family, Bob, Hope & Gracie were “drafted” into fostering in September of 2016 with a littler of puppies. Not just any puppies, but 5 week old bottle babies that required some recruiting of family, friends and neighbors who happily lent a hand. Holly has a daughter with multiple special needs who deeply loves animals so deciding to foster was something meaningful the family could do together. So far they have fostered 50 dogs, almost all litters of puppies!
Holly and her family have 2 favorite fosters to share. First is Snowflake, a sickly American Sharpei mix who weighed only 2 pounds at 6 weeks old. She almost didn’t make it, but they took her home and she cuddled right into her husband’s neck and won his heart. Snowflake was adopted out to a great couple in UT who sadly had to return her due to a change in living circumstances. Holly and her family knew the second that she left the she was “their” dog and jumped at the chance to make her part of the family permanently.
The Godfrey’s second favorite foster was Mr. Phelps, a pitty puppy with “swimmers syndrome”. All 4 legs were splayed out making him look like he was swimming, but he could only scooch around. With daily physical therapy, he recovered and found his family, who still keep in touch.
The most challenging fosters for the family were 3 litters of very sick puppies. One with distemper and 2 with parvo. Heartbreakingly, 3 puppies didn’t make it.
The most rewarding part of fostering for the family, is knowing that they were saving lives of the youngest puppies who’s outlook is very bleak in shelters. That, and of course, handing them over to their forever families.
When thinking about what she would tell someone who is considering fostering, Holly had this to say. “I mostly hear people say they could never give the puppies up. Yes, you can give them to a forever family because it gives you a chance to save another. We keep in touch with most of the families and watch “our” babies grow up to be someone’s best friend.”
When Holly is not running after litters of puppies, she enjoys a career in graphic design. The family are also huge Dodger fans! Thank you Holly, Bob, Hope & Gracie!