Monthly Mutt Newsletter

The Mutt Movers

To achieve our goal with Kern County Animal Services to Make Kern County NO KILL by 2020 we had to look at all options for saving lives.

Marley’s Mutt Movers started as a collaboration between Marley’s Mutts Spay & Neuter Division and Unity Rescue in Taft during a joint spay and neuter clinic. We identified a need and joined forces to save dogs that are on the “put to sleep” list at Kern County Animal Services.

Unity Rescue has the out of town/state relationships with no-kill shelters and transport arrangements were already in place. We recruited local short-term fosters and with the support of the Mutt Militia we have saved 292 dogs and transported 268 out of Kern County to NO KILL rescues and shelters in the first four months. 

We have also saved 16 pregnant or new moms with babies in four months which is a huge achievement to get these moms and babies out of the noisy shelter into a safe foster home. Like all our life saving programs it costs money to save these dogs and get them ready for transport. Please help us give them a second chance at life with your  generous charitable contribution today!